ISTE 2016 Workshop: Wonderful World of Wearables (the new WWW)

ISTE 2016 is a few days away. I am co-presenting a workshop called The New WWW: Wonderful World of Wearables. The is on designing and creating with digital tools. Sewable circuits, programmable micro-controllers, creating new designs with powerful digital tools. Underlying it all are tenets of iterative design, computational thinking, and engineering with artistic flair. I have a lot of exciting stuff concepts to show and demonstrate.


These tools for making are very powerful. They are the overlap of art, electronics, and computer languages. These are tools that one would have only been able to access as a engineering graduate student barely ten years ago -- which are now available to students in the 8th grade. Design, build, and program your own light sensor activated night light that you can sew onto your jacket. Yes -- you can do that.


To get started with wearables you need to get some software tools and some basic hardware. These are some links to guide you:

  1. Lilypad -- the original wearable technology. A set of sewable microcontrollers and associated components. Make and program an incredible a variety invention.
  2. Adafruit -- another set of programmable micro-controllers and assorted parts. A great set of visual tutorials on wearables can be found here.
  3. Arduino IDE - a programming environment that lets you program a wide variety of microcontrollers using a C style language. Its easy enough to pick up by the beginner but yet powerful where you can do some pretty creative things with code.
  4. Invent to Learn - a great book and website on the origins and strength of the maker movement in education.

These websites will get you started. From here you can find kits, parts, and sample code. Once you start, you will experience having agency over creations that you thought not possible.


The presentation handouts for this workshop will be linked below:


Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Pastbin Code Repository

Looking forward to learning with everyone!