Mathematics and Turtle Art

** SAMPLE POST — DO NOT COPY ** Turtle Art is a program to create designs based on precise mathematical actions. Angles, rotation, and distance are some of the commands used to create patterns. The drawing is represented by the movement of a “turtle” on screen. There are commands for drawing lines forward and backwards, angles to

ISTE 2016 Workshop: Wonderful World of Wearables (the new WWW)

ISTE 2016 is a few days away. I am co-presenting a workshop called The New WWW: Wonderful World of Wearables. The is on designing and creating with digital tools. Sewable circuits, programmable micro-controllers, creating new designs with powerful digital tools. Underlying it all are tenets of iterative design, computational thinking, and engineering with artistic flair. I have

Trigonometry Stuffy

This is a modification to the Night Light Stuffy code found in the project section. To make the light more realistic, I wanted to have the LED pulse slowly from the off state to the on state. To make this gradual, I need to use a math function that many of you have studied: the

An “aha” moment?

What is the big deal with Arduino? What does it do and why is it important to making?   Arduino is a gem in the maker ecosystem. It is an open digital platform that bridges the digital world with the one around us. It is the perfect mix of low cost hardware that can be mixed with

Drawing Circuits

When you create or prototype a circuit, you face a messy collection of wiring. How can you document your circuit so everything is neat and organized? You can take a picture of it. But when you want to change it you need to take another photo. Also, a photo may not show all the detail



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